Raveen Tandon feels Zaira Wasim could have exited the industry gracefully

Zaira Wasim (Dangal, Secret Superstar) has decided to quit acting, says her line of work interferes with her faith and religion.

While the decision has shocked some, Zaira Wasim’s announcement is receiving mixed opinions. While some are appreciating her for following her heart, few others have criticised her for being regressive – actress Raveena Tandon being one of them.

“Doesn’t matter if two-film olds are ungrateful to the industry that have given them all. Just wish they’d exit gracefully and keep their regressive views to themselves.”

In a separate tweet, she wrote: “Exit is your choice, reason, by all means. Just do not demean it for everyone else.”

Dangal actor Zaira Wasim to quit films as it ‘interferes with religion’

The Kashmiri born actor wrote a detailed post on Facebook where she revealed that, despite the fame, she was not really happy with her line of work. Zaira has been working in the industry for 5 years now.

It seems she wanted to do this earlier but could not do so.

“I kept procrastinating by tricking and deluding my conscience into the idea that I know what I am doing doesn’t feel right but assumed that I will put an end to this whenever the time feels right and I continued to put myself in a vulnerable position where it was always so easy to succumb to the environment that damaged my peace, ‘imaan’ and my relationship with Allah (God),” she said.

And why did she decide to post this thing on social media?

Zaira says “About announcing the decision on social media, the actor said she was openly doing so not to paint a holier picture of herself, but “this is the least I can do to start afresh”.

Zaira’s Account Not Hacked

A news site had reported that Ms Wasim’s manager had said that the actress’ social media accounts were hacked and that she hadn’t written the long announcement. However, Zaira Wasim dismissed such reports and confirmed that she had indeed posted that announcement. A couple of years back Zaira had written an apology on FB for hurting people after meeting Mehbooba Mufti, the chief minister of Jammu & Kashmir her state.

So people are assuming that her account may have been hacked by militants/separatists in Kashmir.

However, in her tweet, Zaira Wasim dismissed such reports, writing: “This to clarify that none of my social media accounts were or are hacked and are being handled by me personally. Kindly refrain from believing or sharing claims that state otherwise! Thanks.”

Zaira Wasim had won the National Award for best supprting actor in Dangal. Zaira will next be seen in The Sky is Pink (along side Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Farhan Akhtar), and could be her last film as an actor, unless of course she changes her mind.