Former Miss World Yukta Mookhey Gets Divorce, But Her ‘Unnatural Sex’ Complaint Quashed

A family court granted former Miss world, model-turned-actor Yukta Mookhey and Prince Tuli divorce by mutual consent. Mookhey had agreed not to seek any compensation from her husband, while Tuli had consented not to seek the custody of their child.

However, Yukta Mookhey had also filed a case against her husband, parents-in-law and sisters-in-law for cruelty and criminal breach of trust, and she had also accused Tuli of unnatural sex.

Yukta claimed physical and mental torture by her husband and says he even forced her for unnatural sex and demanded money every now and then. Says Yukta, “Initially when I met him, I obviously had no reason to doubt him. But problems started within the first month of our marriage. Now when I look back, there are things that seem obvious, but at that stage they did not seem odd. For instance, my sister-in-law interrogated me in a hotel till 3 am about how much I earned, what I planned to do with my life, what kind of marriage I would give, what I would do with my money after marriage, whether or not I would give it to my husband or my in-laws, whose name both my Mumbai flats were in, etc”.

On his part, Price Tuli said that the real reason behind his failed marriage with Yukta was adultery on her part. “Adultery was the reason. When I learnt about it, I told Yukta that we should part ways amicably. She pleaded for forgiveness.” When asked about the allegations of unnatural sex, Prince said, “That’s a very dirty allegation. I did not demand unnatural sex from her”.

Tuli’s lawyers told the High Court that they had got a divorce by mutual consent and wanted the criminal complaint quashed, which was obliged by the court.