YouTube Stars Who Can Give Bollywood Stars a Run for Their Money

The traditional rules of the game seems to have changed, and today its indeed possible for a YouTube celebrity to have millions of fans, on par with some of the Bollywood (and even Hollywood) stars.

There are several new generation of entertainers who are finding massive success on YouTube. And the way they do it is plain simple.

Just self-produced some low-budget videos, that are good in content and attract followers on YouTube. Do it regularly with good content, and over time, you can build a devoted fan following, besides earning steady pay-cheques and of course increasing your chances of landing roles for TV shows (and even films), record deals, and more.

The biggest advantage of YouTube is that it creates room for alternative voices that are usually not well-represented in mainstream media. Most YouTube celebrities are ‘minorities’ (in a way) as their genre of performance is not something that can be easily found in mainstream media culture.

Besides, YouTube stardom is distinct from traditional TV and film fame because of a greater sense of intimacy between creator and fan. Often YouTubers shoot their videos in domestic spaces like bedrooms, directly address their fans and appeal to them to subscribe or leave a comment.

All of these are unique to YouTube and it creates this sense of connection between amateur YouTube celebrities and their fans.

Here are some of the biggest YouTube personalities, some of them have even managed to bag roles in Bollywood films, based on their new found popularity.

Toronto based ‘Lilly Singh’, who goes by the name ‘Superwoman’on YouTube. She bagged a role for herself in Kunal Nayyar’s movie “Dr. Cabbie” based on her YouTube histrionics.

Smosh’s Ian And Anthony are the most popular YouTube Celebrity in the US, with millions of subscribers to their YouTube channel.

PSY – GANGNAM STYLE: YouTube played an important role in the popularity of this song.