Young Indian Leader Feels Politicians Are Losing Space to Bollywood Celebs & Business Tycoons

Young Indian Leader feels Indian Politicians are losing space and shine to Bollywood Celebs & Business Tycoons, with fewer youngsters wanting to follow on the footsteps of politicians.

During the recently concluded ‘Women Economic Forum’ Indian Congress leader Sachin Pilot said “Today, politicians are losing space and shine to Bollywood icons and businesses tycoons. Young generation in India are looking at icons beyond politicians. At the same time no doubt in village areas in the states like MP, UP politicians are still looked as ideals.”

Pilot said 25 years back, there were no many young faces in Parliament but now the situation has changed for the upper and lower house of the country. “The impact of politicians and politics is on decline for last couple of years,” he added.

You might think that this is because most politicians are seen as corrupt, and although its partly true, the major reason for youngsters dis-interest in politics is because most politicians are refusing to think big. Whereas Indian businesses and industries are growing by leaps & bounds, most Indian politicians are still engaged in petty things.

Pilot said, “the thing about younger generation is that they think about the country over political views. They want India to be seen not just in south Asia but across the globe, united in its every developmental process.”

Perhaps its time for the senior politicians to seriously take a look at this perception issue and work towards changing it.