Why You Don’t Find Indian Models in Lingerie Shoots?

Why You Don't Find Indian Models in Lingerie Shoots?

Lingerie is a fast growing market in India and you can see a a lot of lingerie shoots happening in India. But despite the several opportunities available for Indian models, most of them shy away from doing lingerie shoots. Most such ads are currently done my models from foreign countries, especially from Russia & from Brazil.

So why it is that Indian models shy away from doing lingerie’s ads.

Rejected for Films
While most wannabe models & actors may be game for doing a raunchy item number in a Bollywood film, most of them avoid lingerie ads for the simple reason that in India, it usually means the end of the Bollywood dream for them.

Its a sad reality. The Indian audience are okay to see some foreigner (especially Brazilian models), who may have done a lingerie ad before, in films. There have been cases in the past where a few Brazilian models have managed to get a good break in films, despite having done lingerie ads.

However, the same doesn’t apply to an Indian. If an Indian has worked in a lingerie ad, she’s straightaway rejected by the audience, which the casting people are also well aware of, and they won’t even consider such models in the first place itself, for a slot in films.

Not All Are Game
This part is bit related to the Indian culture. Foreigners usually wear bikinis/two-pieces on the beaches or in the swimming pools (there are plenty of clean beaches & pools available to the public in foreign countries) so they are used to wearing it in public places right from an early age. But its a different case for Indians; most Indians don’t have access to clean beaches & swimming pools (very limited) for recreation. So most of them never get an opportunity to make a public appearance in their inner-wear.

The top Indian models, who have the correct body language and who would be ready to do such shoots would be very expensive. But the rest of them, just don’t have the body language to do such shoots. They might be comfortable doing it inside the studio but if the shoot is outdoors, such as a lounge, most feel uncomfortable on seeing a crowd.

Cheaper Ones Aren’t Classy
There are several Indian models who would be ready to do such shoots, but they are more of strugglers who’re trying hard to survive in the Industry. Most of them don’t look classy enough to complement the product, and such models are also rejected by the product brand/ad agencies.

That is why most ad agencies are left with no option but to go for foreign models for lingerie shoots. Even though the current generation of Indian women are high on confidence, the fact that the audience rejects Indian lingerie models who appear in films, makes most Indian models shun lingerie shoots.