Who’s the ‘Sexiest man in Asia’?

sexiest man in asia: Ali Zafar or Hrithik Roshan

So who’s the ‘Sexiest man in Asia’? I’m sure there will be many who’ll say ‘Hrithik Roshan’, and last year he indeed was voted as the Sexiest man in Asia.

But do you know who was the runners-up? It was the multi-talented Ali Zafar!

Last year, Ali Zafar was voted the second sexiest man in Asia, but the result could change this year.

Voting for this years title is current going on and Ali Zafar is trending on the popular social networking site Twitter.


And the Winner is!!!
This time its singer-turned-actor ‘Ali Zafar’ who has won the crown of the Sexiest Asian Man In The World, as per UK’s Eastern Eye newspaper’s list of the 50 Sexiest Asian Men In The World.

I’m sure it will be cool if the ‘Tere Bin Laden’ star goes on to win the coveted title, because you really don’t see him taking off his shirt and showing of his muscles, unlike the other stars.

If the Pakistani lad manages to win the title of the ‘Sexiest man in Asia’, it will be purely on his looks & of course his talents!

ALI ZAFAR’s ‘Rangeen Hai Tu’ song

But Mr Zafar is really surprised that his name is being considered for this title and he’s still trying to figure out why people find him sexy.