When it Comes to Shopping, Men Just Buy Whereas Women Really Shop

If you’re probably not married, then you may not have experienced this yet, but ask any married couple and they would agree that when it comes to shopping, men just buy things they want to buy, whereas women shop for many more reasons.

shopping - Women vs men

Here are some of the reasons women love to shop; there are many more than just satisfying their basic needs.

  • They buy out of Jealousy or Peer Pressure
  • Most women buy to impress Men
  • Shopping gives them pleasure, unlike men
  • They feel up-to-dated with the fashion trends
  • They buy because they always feel the clothes they have are not good enough
  • Its a good pastime for them
  • Signs of ‘Sale’ of ‘50% off’ drives them crazy

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“When a woman loves you, you are a husband …
When many women love you, you are a actor …
When hundreds of women love you, you are an idol …
When thousands of women love you, you are a leader …
But When all the women in the world love you, you are NOT Human …
You are a Diamond, Gold, Clothes, Money, Shoes, Cosmetics, etc, etc…

What Men in India are Buying

Here are some buying habits of men in India:

  1. Men buy lot of electronic items online
  2. Males, in general, tend to have better appetite for technology and are not intimidated by the payment checkout process, so they often end-up making payments for shopping.
  3. Women in India usually prefer to ask men to compare things like costs & features (specs) before completing a transaction.
  4. Men usually have access to credit/debit cards, and most of them do purchases for the family (rather than buy things for personal use)

In developed markets, women spend twice as much time on mobile shopping than men as there’s lot of flexibility when it comes to payments. This could well be the way forward in India too.

Women in India Go Online Shopping Big Time

In the last couple of years, the number of online transactions done by women in India have increased significantly. Now they are not just big shoppers in the offline world, women are big shoppers even in the online world. Women are increasingly going online to buy a range of products, not just for their own selves, but also for gifting to others.

The number of people shopping online in India has jumped many-folds in the last few years, with small-town India and women scrambling to tap the promise of the Web. According to the study, the number is projected to grow further, as customers increasingly seek to shop in the cozy comfort of a couch.

Women made significant online transactions even in small towns, including Vijaywada, Guntur, Thrissur, Nanded. Importantly, with mobile penetration in the country rising very fast, transactions made with a mobile device witnessed a multi-fold rise in recent years.

Online purchases at night are picking up because some of the customers, including professionals who work until the wee hours of the morning or the youth who surf the Internet at night, often shop at night. Conversations with the customers also revealed that they prefer to research, identify and compare products in the day time, often seeking opinions from friends and peers, and make the transaction later in the day from homes.

The proliferation of affordable smartphones and Internet, aided by tech-savvy youth even in remote towns, is contributing to the spread of e-commerce and m-commerce.