When Emraan Hashmi Regretted Being in His Profession

Emraan Hashmi with son Ayaan Everybody gets attracted to the glamorous world of movies, and wish they were as popular as some of the stars. But there are times when it may seem as a curse, and that’s what Emraan Hashmi experienced.

Emraan Hashmi (the kissing trendsetter), whose popularity at one time had almost matched that of Salman Khan, had to slow down his professional pace because of personal reasons.

Son Diagnosed with Cancer

Discovering that you or a loved one has cancer can be an utterly terrifying experience. And the same happened to Emraan Hashmi. His four-year-old son Ayaan was diagnosed with a tumor in his kidney that was found malignant.

“He had a malignant tumour called the WILMS tumour which was detected in its second stage. There is a medical protocol for this as he needs to be there for 15 weeks for taking chemotherapy. When you remove a tumour, the bad cells may still be there somewhere in the body, so chemo is done to kill them. It’s not a common cancer amongst children (Leukemia is more common within paediatric cancer).”

Why Toronto?

The doting father reportedly flew Ayan to Toronto for the treatment of his tumor.


Emraan didn’t want Ayaan to be confined in the house. Besides, there would only be restricted places in Mumbai where he could go for some fresh air. In Toronto, he’s got family, the environment is much better, their are more & bigger parks, and there are many other places to go.

Could Not Be Besides His Son During the Treatment

Because of his professional commitments (he had to be in South Africa for 2 months to complete the shooting of his movies ‘Raja Natwarlal’ and ‘Mr. X’), Emraan could not be with his son Ayaan as he recovered in the hospital.

“I was literally cursing my profession when my son had gone for treatment. I was not there with him during his treatment because of my (movie) commitments,” said Emraan.

Movie can be a risky business where lots of money is at stake; actors know this fact. Being true professionals, they make sure their personal issues do not derail their projects completely. So after spending a few days in Toronto, Emraan had to join the crew for shooting.

All Is Well Now

When you hear the word cancer as a parent, a lot of things play out in your mind. The doctors have told us that if we would have had to pick a certain kind of cancer, it would be WILMS as the prognosis for this cancer is 90-95% making the survival rate pretty high.

The word cancer may seem like the scariest thing in the world (especially when it affects your child), but what you need to understand is that 95% of cancer is curable (based on scientific evidence). Besides, children are very resilient.

The good news is that his son Ayaan responded extremely well to the treatment and is absolutely fine now. Emraan revealed that his son is now healthy and back home now. Ayaan happens to be the only child of Emraan and Parveen.

Even as a Bollywood fan, its painful to hear such news, especially when it affects a cute little boy or girl. But advances in the medical field have made it possible to cure most cancers. However for the treatment, you need to talk to lot of people & experts, use collective wisdom to be able to find the right doctors and hospital.