What is a Trademark?

In recent years, several Indian film and sport celebrities have trademarked their names (and even the title of their films or businesses). Here’s more on Trademark and its importance.

What is a Trademark?

“Trademark” is a symbol, word, or words, legally registered or established, to represent a company, brand or product. (Wikipedia)

Generally, a Trademark refers to a “brand” or “logo”. But in recent years, Trademark registrations have been obtained for business names, movie titles, distinctive catch phrases, taglines or captions.

A Trademark is one of the most valuable assets of any business. For the end user, a trademark indicates the origin of the good as well as an indication of its quality.

Registering a trademark is a legal process provided for under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 in India.

The Trade Marks Act, 1999 can be accessed at the following link:

Trade Marks Act, 1999

Types of trademarks available Names, including your own name or surname. An invented word or any arbitrary dictionary word or words. It does not need to be descriptive of the character or quality of the goods/service. Letters or numerals or any combination. Symbols-Monograms-Combination of colours or even a single colour in combination with a word or device. Shape of goods or their packaging. Marks constituting a 3-dimensional sign. Sound marks when represented in conventional notation or described in words by being graphically represented.