Wedding Speech for Dummies

Wedding Speech for Dummies Speeches are an integral part of most western marriages, especially for the best men and bridesmaids, but now its common even in other cultures for people close to the couple to say a few words about the bride and the groom.

Most wedding filmers also encourage close friends and relatives to talk about the couple in front of the camera, so that the end product has those emotional (as well as fun) elements.

But then you really don’t have to worry about the speech (there are many who still fret at the thought of talking to an audience, or even in front of the camera). It’s just that you have to remember a few things to make your speech better.

Take Help of Professionals

Fortunately, people like the event managers & wedding filmers can help you with the speech. They have access to scriptwriters who can put your thoughts in the form of a nice script or a speech that evokes various emotions, and also helps in the making of a good wedding film.

In a wedding in Jaipur, Rajasthan, one of the guests was Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan, and here’s what he said to the groom (on the stage, in front of the audience)
"For a successful marriage its important that you always ask your wife, how I can make your life better, more beautiful. "

People Who Give Wedding Speeches

In a wedding, lot of people give a speech, parents, bride & groom, best man close friends. Here are the more common ones that will be heard.

Parents – The most emotional one usually comes from the parents of the bride, especially the father. It’s really an emotional moment for the father, especially when he says how he’s endorsing his daughter to his husband.

Couple – The groom will thank his parents and all those who made the celebration possible and memorable. The bride and groom may also talk about how they first met and their feelings as they’re getting married.

Best Man – He’s the person who knows the groom well, and his speech is supposed to the most enlightening (and entertaining) as well. one because it entails the lighter side of the event. The best man will tell stories about the groom and his crazy antics.

Close Friends & Relatives – Most couple also want their close friends and relatives to say a few words so that it stays with them forever (helps in the making of the final wedding film as well)

Keep the Audience in Mind

If you’re going to give a speech at the wedding, remember you should not be talking just to the bride and the groom; the audience should also be considered. Most wedding speakers overlook the audience when giving wedding speeches.

The wedding speech should be delivered to all the guests/invitees. And based on the type of audience, your speech should focus on certain things and avoid certain other things.

For example, your jokes could make the couple happy (or they may not mind about it), but what about the audience? What about the parents of the bride and the groom, and the other elderly people around?

So, keep the sensitivities of the audience in mind when giving a wedding.

"Amitabh Bahchan (as Jay) talking to Basanti’s Mausi to get Basanti (Hema Malini) and Veeru (Dharmendra) married may have been one of the highlights of the blockbuster movie Sholay. But the way Mr. Bahchan (best man) puts down the prospective bride (Dharmendra) would look good only in the movies, and not in real life. "

From the movie SHOLAY – Jay (Amitabh) & Mausi

Note for the Best Man

One of the highlights of any wedding is the speech of the ‘Best Man’ where he speaks from the heart (and at times after a reasonable amount of wine has been drunk). Usually, a best man feels that it’s his duty to make his speech as uncomfortable for the groom as possible, and that he should have at least one story which will make the groom cringe and his new wife momentarily angry.

However, that’s misleading!

Of course, a few funny stories have to be shared, but make sure you don’t highlight the groom as substance-abusing philanderer.

No-one will thank you for that. So make sure your speech is funny, and not demeaning. Make sure you end the speech with warm congratulations and wishes for the bride and groom.

Here’s a funny Best Man speech

Give Some Thought to the Speech

There are many who don’t give much thought on how & what they’re going to say as part of the wedding speech, there are many who feel that its not worth the trouble, and some leave it to the last moment where they’re unable to prepare adequately.

And if you don’t give some thought to what you’re going to say, you’ll say something just to get over it. There are many who say the usually things like “The venue is good, the food is good and I’m looking forward to the next ritual/event. I wish all the best to the couple.”, and so on.

Well, if you’re someone close to the bride and group, and have been asked to speak at the wedding, you better speak something that has more substance. But then, for that you need to prepare.

Its always the preparation that helps to deliver a good speech that is well-thought of, that has words that are carefully chosen, and the idea creatively generated.

Do It Right The Next time

The wedding speech is your opportunity to look good in front of a lot of people. Its your opportunity to show that you are closer to the bride & groom (and their families), you know them well, care for them, and will always be there to support them.

Your speech should also consider the feelings, beliefs and principles of the audience, for which you also know how to identify with the audience. That will help the audience to relate to whatever stories or information you tell them about the groom and the bride.

So the next time you have to deliver a wedding speech, talk to the bride and the groom, but also keep the audience in mind. And remember, wedding speeches will stay with the couple forever (courtesy the videos filmed at the wedding) so you should never take it for granted.