Can Wedding Planning Really Be A 50k Plus Job?

In the movie “band Bajaa baraat”, the protagonists play the role of wedding planners, who make their living from the wedding business. In recent times, there were a few other movies as well where the lead actors were part of the wedding business.

Can Wedding Planning Really Be A 50k Plus Job?

So is this a really viable business model? Is it possible to earn good money doing a wedding planning job or would one struggle to make ends meet?

Demand has Grown in Recent Years

Over the years, there has been an increase in the demand of wedding planners. There are various reasons for that, one of them being that people have become busier and don’t want to go into the nitty-gritties of their own weddings.

Another reason is that the weddings are happening on a much bigger & grander scale with celebrities doing guest appearances, so you really need experts who can help you with the execution of your dream project.


And believe me, the weddings that are shown in Bollywood movies are nowhere close, in grandeur, to some of the weddings that take place nowadays.

What Skills Does It Require?

Okay, so what sorts of skills are required to be a wedding planner? Two very important skills you need to have as a wedding planner:

  1. Excellent planning & organization skills
  2. Excellent personal relations skills

These two skills will help you to do well in this line of work (event management).

You’ll also need to brush up on your knowledge of weddings, the preparations required, and the various rituals/ceremonies that are held as part of weddings/shaadis/nikaahs.

However, for luxury weddings, you need to offer more to the clients! High-end clients are not going to be happy with the stuff you did at other weddings; they would definitely want their wedding to stand out. Wedding planners nowadays offer its clientele conventional yet exclusive ideas and design to match the theme of the wedding to the couple’s personality.

So as you get more knowledgeable about the industry, you’ll also be expected to come up with newer ideas all the time to make every wedding unique or customize it as per the bride/groom’s request.

Weddings are Big Events

Here’s why you could land up a 50k plus job in this industry…

Weddings, in general, is big business, and its one of the fastest growing segments in India as disposable incomes are rising and aspirations are growing even faster and so everyone wants their wedding to be bigger & different.

Besides Rajasthan & Goa, Indian weddings are now happening in destinations such as Italy, South Africa, & Austria, with guests coming in not just from India but from across the world.

Even our Bollywood celebrities make a good income by doing special appearances at luxury weddings.

So you can imagine why most event management companies are so excited about this segment, and that’s also the reason why everybody is trying to get a pie of this business.

Can You Make a Good Living?

Definitely yes! But if you’re trying to start your own wedding planning business, it may take some time to get established (just like any other business).

If you’re keen on taking up a job of a wedding planner, there are several event management companies where you can take up this role.

The good thing about working for a reputed event management company is that you could be part of the next luxury wedding at Salzburg or Munich, right away!

Irrespective, the fact is that this is one of the fastest growing business segments in India, and you should definitely capitalize on it, especially if you also love doing this kind of work.

So if you’re eyeing a 50k plus job and wish to be a part of the entertainment industry, planning weddings could be the job for you.