Despite Salman’s Grudge, Vivek Oberoi Says Bollywood Has Roles for Everyone

To all those who’re wondering what has happened to actor Vivek Oberoi’s Bollywood career, well, he’s busy doing a few comedy films (Grand Masti types), and he will also be collaborating with Ram Gopal Varma to make Company 2 (sequel). Other than that, he has been busy doing philanthropy work, and also handling his real estate business, especially on a township that he says will be our answer to Miami.

Vivek Oberoi’s latest film “Great Grand Masti” released recently. The actor says that despite the popular belief that only few select actors get good work in the Hindi film industry, Bollywood actually has enough work for everyone.

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“With so many people around (referring to actors) it is not difficult to get exciting work. It’s a dynamic industry, there are amazing roles for everyone (gives example of Riteish Deshmukh who is known for his comic timing, but got to play a villain in ‘Ek Villain’).

The “Saathiya” star says that actors in Bollywood should appreciate each other’s work, despite the competition.

The Salman Khan & Vivek Oberoi Fight

Vivek Oberoi’s debut movie ‘Company’ (2002) fetched him a Filmfare Award and ‘Saathiya’ (2002) strengthened the belief that he was a superstar in the making. However, his fight with Salman Khan seem to have snatched away that.


It all started on 31st March 2003 when Vivek Oberoi called a press conference claiming that Salman Khan had threatened to kill him (Salman had called him up 41 times).

But why did Salman threaten Vivek?

Those days were tough for Salman and Aishwarya, as their relationship had hit a rough patch and Aishwarya. Fed up of obsessive beau Salman, Aishwarya saw comfort in Vivek.

Though Aishwarya Rai never made it public that she and Vivek were in a relationship, she attended ceremonies and events with him. Salman Khan was already in a bad state then, owing to his hit-and-run case and his break-up with Aishwarya.

However, the press conference proved to be Vivek’s doom.

Vivek’s brave act blew up in his face. Even Aishwarya washed her hands off the mess, and started avoiding Vivek.

Said Vivek on a chat show with director-choreographer Farah Khan, “Till today there are friends of yours and mine who say, ‘We’d love to work with you but what to do, we can’t”. Oberoi also said that the fight resulted in an industry award for his role in Company being withdrawn from him.

Vivek indirectly blamed Aishwarya for instigating him to do it and later washing her hands off the matter. He also said that Salman’s brother Sohail Khan, who was once his best friend, never forgave him for that and he regrets it the most.

During the promotion of a movie (attended by Vivek) where the trailer of Sultan was played, when Vivek was asked about the film, Vivek said it looked “fabulous” and Salman was “looking great.”

When asked if he said that to appease Salman, Vivek said no.

“When I praise someone’s work, I do not have any vested interest. Likewise, when I celebrate someone’s success I feel genuinely happy because it means that the film fraternity is doing well,” said Vivek.

All of Vivek’s apologies to Salman has been met with a cold shoulder. However, that hasn’t upset Vivek.

“Unfortunately, some people are stuck in a time warp about an incident that happened 13 years ago,” said Vivek.

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Vivek Oberoi’s Real Estate Company to Create Mini ‘Miami’ in India

Vivek, the businessman
Vivek Oberoi’s real estate company (Raghuleela Infrastructure) will be making a huge township in Gujarat (near Ganeshpura village on Vataman-Dholka highway, 45 kms from Ahmedabad). The project, which has Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s blessings, will have an artificial beach, wave pools, golf course, 850 villas over 150 acres of land, and Vivek Oberoi believes that it will be India’s answer to Miami.

But why Gujarat? It seems Vivek and his company are quite bullish about the state after the Gujarat government announced their new tourism policy; the company will now invest close to Rs. 400 crore in the project.

Well, whether the township will look like Miami or not, remains to be see; but perhaps a mini Goa, minus the feni (liquor)? May be!

Vivek is working as a philanthropist too
Not many are aware that Vivek Oberio also has adopted a village Muthavakuntlapalli of Kanaganipalli mandal in Andhra Pradesh. Reportedly, vivek held a gram sabha in the village and intends to make it a model village in India.

For the village, he plans to have e-education, purified water plant, drinking water facility, drainages and independent lavatories (so that no one in the village has to defecate in the open), CC roads.