Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli celebrate India’s historic series win in Australia

For most Indian fans, Virat Kohli is no less than Sachin Tendulkar. Time and again, he has played some unbelievable knocks and won matches for India. However, sadly for Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, whether Virat does well with the bat (or fares badly), the joke (and even the blame) is always on her.

Fortunately for Anushka, this is a time to be happy as India celebrates its historic series win over Australia (in Australia). After 71 years, India has won a test series (2-1) in Australia.

Anushka Sharma was seen on the Sydney cricket ground (the last match of the series ended in a draw) with Virat Kohli and the Internet is full of some adorable pictures of the couple.

BCCI shares Team India picture, Twitterati asks why Anushka Sharma is in it?

Team India, on their England tour, were invited for a greet session at the Indian High Commission in London. A picture taken during that session was shared by BCCI on Twitter.

However, Twitterati was upset that Anushka Sharma was a part of the #TeamIndia picture and also because she stood in the centre while team’s vice-captain was pushed in the last row.

Here’s the picture shared by BCCI on twitter.

The Joke Is Always on Anushka

In the past, Anushka has been blamed for Virat’s poor show with the bat. Now that Virat is back to playing some amazing knocks, most of the jokes are again on Anushka.

In fact, every-time Virat Kohli plays an amazing knock, its Anushka who starts trending on Twitter!

Virat himself responded in support of Anushka and asked people to stop targeting her.

India’s World Cup Loss vs Australia: Fans Ridicule Anushka Sharma & Alia Bhatt But Laud Indian Cricket Team

India's World Cup Loss vs Australia: Fans Appreciate cricket Team But Ridicule Anushka Sharma & Alia Bhatt

Before the 2015 ICC cricket world cup, nobody expected the Indian cricket to do well, but after their stunning performance in the world cup, the hopes of the Indian fans had obviously gone too high and they wanted nothing less than the world cup. So when Indian lost to Australia in the semi-finals they obviously had to remove their frustrations on some thing.

Fortunately for the Indian cricket team, they were spared because of their better than expected performances in the earlier matches. Even the captain MS Dhoni was appreciated for marshaling the team well, and choosing not to see his new-born daughter (he had the opportunity to come to India to see his little girl) and instead focusing on the world cup.

Bollywood, a soft target. Blame it on their popularity
But Virat Kohli & his girlfriend Anushka Sharma were not so lucky and had to bear the brunt of the angry fans. Surprisingly even Alia Bhatt was dragged into this, as most of the jokes were directed at her.

Anushka Sharma, who was cheering for the team and her beau from the stands became the butt of jokes on the internet, with many of then crossing the line.

Despite the fact that the Bombay Velvet actress was just a spectator, like the thousands of other Indians at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), troll tweets just kept coming in.

Some called her a ‘panauti’ (bad omen), some hurled abuses and some cursed her.

Some fans and followers even went to the extent of asking others to boycott all her movies, even though it was clear that Anushka was equally disappointed when Virat walked back to the dressing room.

Celebs Came in Support of Anushka
While many B-town celebs came out in support of Anushka, Salman Khan made a phone call to Virat after the match.

“Salman called up Virat to cheer him up. He also advised him to not bother about the nasty tweets about him and Anushka,” a close source revealed to us.

What wrong has Anushka Sharma done? asks Sourav Ganguly
Former India captain Sourav Ganguly lashed out at people who attacked Anushka Sharma for Virat Kohli’s failure with the bat in the cricket World Cup semifinal against Australia, saying that it showed their immaturity.

“What wrong Anushka has done? She had only gone to see a cricket match like the families of other players. It is unfair to blame her for Kohli’s performance. It is the immaturity of people (criticising Anushka),” said the former captain.

Even Alia Bhatt was not spared
Alia Bhatt currently seems to be the favourite punching bag for Indians, and as expected, there were some jokes that were directed at the talented actress (at her intelligence actually) as well.

Here are a couple of them:

“Dekho semi final haar gaye toh koi batt nahi, par final matt haarna.” (Its okay if you lost the semi-finals, but don’t you dare lose the finals.)

“World Cup haar gaye to kya hua… IPL to ham hi jeetenge…” (So what if we lost the World Cup, we will definitely win IPL!).

Need to tone down the Personal Attacks?
Most Indians enjoy a laugh/joke that is usually at the expense of other. And when its in the online world, things can definitely cross the line. That’s what happened after India lost the cricket match to Australia in the world cup semi-final match, when poor Anushka was subjected to all those venomous tweets.

But isn’t it just a game, where one has to lose and one has to win? Sadly, some people just fail to understand that!

And for Anushka, probably that’s the price you pay for being a celebrity. Its best to ignore those nasty tweets, as suggested by Salman Khan.