US Based Bollywood Dance Studio Presents “Experience the World, Bollywood Style”

Students of US based Bollywood dance studio (NDM Bollywood Dance Productions and Studios) mesmerised the audience with a stunning dance recital that was based on the theme “Experience the World, Bollywood Style”.

NDM’s dance studio was established in 2003 and calls itself as the first Bollywood dance studio and company in the United States. Mahajan is also an in-demand choreographer in Hollywood with several credits, notably the reality contest “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Nakul moved from absolute anonymity to becoming the ambassador of Bollywood dance in America, and in a career spanning two decades, Nakul Dev Mahajan of NDM Production and Dance Studios, continues to break boundaries professionally and personally while peppering the American dance culture with an Indian flavor.

Nakul Dev Mahajan is also popularly known as “Hollywood’s Favorite Bollywood Choreographer.”

Says Nakul, “For years, Bollywood dancing wasn’t even seen as dance. People thought it was a freestyle form of dance that could be done by anyone.” His mission to showcase the artistry and excitement of Bollywood dance is still going strong—and it seems to be working. Mahajan, who has several accomplishments to his credit feels its the culmination of a longtime devotion to raising the profile of Bollywood dance.

India West

Nakul Dev Mahajan Dance Troupe Travels the World, Bollywood Style
India West
NDM Bollywood Dance Productions and Studios held its annual student recital, “Bollywood Travels,” March 28 at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. “Bollywood Travels” was presented twice last weekend: a matinee at noon and an encore evening …