Tu jaanta hain main kaun hoon?

Tu jaanta hain main kaun hoon? (Do you know who I am, or Do you know whom you are talking to?) These words are commonly used by the so called powerful people in India.

But here is an example of a world famous personality who made no fuss when he was asked to show his I-card.

During the 2019 Australian Open, before entering the locker room, Tennis legend Roger Federer was stopped by a staff member for not wearing his badge.

However, the 20-time Grand slam winner after being stopped, just reacted as you would expect him to act. The superstar just stopped and waited for his crew to catch up with him and flashed his badge to the staff who stopped him.

No bullying, no harassment, no disrespect, no do you know who you are talking to. I think there’s a lot to be learnt here for the tennis champion, and we thought we could only learn from him playing on the court.

Meanwhile, feel free to share what should the response be to someone who says “Tu janta nahi hai main kaun hoon”?

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