Triumph Lingerie Fashion Show: Top Moments

Here are the top moments from the Triumph Lingerie Fashion Show…

Triumph International is a swiss-based, multinational underwear and lingerie manufacturer, and their products are sold all over the world. The company is one of the largest producers of bras and underwear. Triumph Lingerie Fashion Shows are held all over the world, and one such event was also held in Mumbai at Hotel Hyatt Regency, where several hot models walked down the ramp.

Such events are also the perfect place to showcase new products, and thats what Triumph did at the Triumph fashion show held in Mumbai; Triumph launched its new Body Make-Up collection.

“This concept has been a winner throughout Europe and East Asia and we have every confidence it will do equally well in India. Incredibly smooth, soft and lightweight, the delightfully fresh Body Make-Up collection comes in a range of on-trend shades that will blend very well with the skin tones of Indian women”, said General Manager of Triumph.

Earlier, Triumph Lingerie Fashion Show 2012 was also held in Mumbai at Hotel ITC Grand Maratha.