Travel Solo to Emerge Stronger & Be More Mature

Want to transform yourself into a stronger, resilient, adaptable, mature and more capable person? Travel Solo!

Travel Solo to Emerge Stronger & Be More Mature

You may have heard that traveling widens ones vision, makes you a more mature and stronger person. But it isn’t that way if you travel in a big group or with your family. Although its great to see new places, you’re really not exposed to challenges, in a way that tests you as a person. That’s because people are around to help you out – your family or the tour operator and so on.

However, its a totally different experience if you travel solo, and there have been a couple of Bollywood movies in recent years where the leading lady undergoes a major transformation once she steps out of her comfort zone and moves out to face the world.

English Vinglish
In the movie ‘English Vinglish’, Sridevi is a homemaker who looks after the family, works hard to make them happy, but never gets the respect she deserves (her husband and daughter make fun of her because she couldn’t speak English). Then for a family event, because her husband is tied up with work, she has to travel all alone to the US (her husband & daughter joins her a few weeks later).

While walking back home one day, she comes a cross an ‘English Speaking’ class and secretly enrolls for the class. What follows is an amazing experience for her, where she meets people from different countries, makes friends, learns more about other cultures, and above all is ready to give a short speech in English. The few weeks that she spends there makes her a more confident person, ready to earn the respect of her husband and daughter (through that short speech in English).

In the movie ‘Queen’, Kangana Ranaut is shown a homely girl who helps here dad in his ‘sweets’ shop. Just the day before her wedding, the guy calls of the marriage because he thinks Kangana is not the type of girl he wants to marry (she’s not modern and glamorous). Heart-broken Kangana decides to go on her honeymoon alone.

Solo Travel for women

The following few weeks in Paris & Amsterdam changes her life (although not overnight). The challenges that comes Kangana’s way is what most solo travelers face – language barrier, cultural differences, figuring out the local travel part, dealing with pickpockets, sharing a room in a hostel with other travelers, and even kissing for the first time (you may not be lucky every time though).

Psychological Studies

Most studies reveal that we are constantly seeking relationships between experiences in a cause and effect manner. The effect of trauma or suffering induces a reduced inner capacity to cope. On the other hand “tender love and care toughens you up, because they nurture your capacity to learn and adapt.

And for many traveling solo is definitely one way to care for yourself, to listen to your inner voice, to fulfill your desires, will actually will make you emerge stronger.

“Travel is Rebellion in its Purest Form”

So, have you traveled solo any time? What was the experience like? Please share your experiences here.


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