65-year old tourist prevents Bus crash in Austrian Alps

“A hair’s breadth from catastrophe”, local police say, laud the passenger’s quick reflexes after driver collapses in Austrian Alps.

A 65-year old French tourist is hailed as a hero for saving a bus full of fellow passengers from “catastrophe”, after the driver passed out.

The bus was on a winding road in the Austrian Alps near Schwaz when the 76-year-old driver collapsed, the BBC reports.

The 65-year-old man, who was sitting near the front, quickly jumped from his seat and managed to hit the brakes at the last second.

The bus slammed into a wooden barrier, but was stopped from hurtling down a slope and over a 328-foot cliff.


Local police praised the tourist’s quick reflexes and said “We were a hair’s breadth from catastrophe”. He calls it “incredible luck” the man managed to stop the bus.

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