Top Wedding Filmer files Police Complaint, Alleges Ex-worker Leaked Client Database to Rival

Its tough to do business, and more so, if its in the film & media industry, it can take years of hard work to establish oneself. And because the individual players in this industry are not huge companies who have robust processes in place, its comparatively easier for workers to misue the companies resources and sensitive information.

One of India’s top wedding film production houses ‘The Wedding Filmer’, known for their film-like productions and having some of the top businessmen, politicians as their client, recently had to take the help of the police, as they felt their rival ‘Recall Pictures’ inappropriately got access to their client data and was stealing clients.

Vishal Punjabi, CEO, Wedding Filmers has complained to the Oshiwara police against the owners of Recall Pictures for stealing their database and communicating with clients on Recall’s behalf.

As per the complaint, one of Wedding Filmer’s employees had sold the company’s confidential information to Recall Pictures, out of revenge.

“Since the last six months, we have been losing our clients to Recall Pictures. It wasn’t just one incident, but several, which proved that Hathiramani was misleading our clients and usurping our contracts fraudulently. He sent an email to all our clients saying Wedding Filmers are closed for a short period and Recall Pictures will continue doing business with them on their behalf. These mails were sent from both my company’s account as well as my personal email account,” says Punjabi.


So how did it start?
It all started with ‘Wedding Filmer’ sacking one of their employees. “She was the one who leaked information to Hathiramani. She knew how we worked very well. It led to our losing many contracts worth crores. The recent AIB video shoot was also supposed to be done by us. We lost a Mexican wedding, and one in Miami. He has sabotaged my business,” he added.

One of my clients, Karan Uppal, had informed me about an email he received confirming an order to shoot a wedding by Recall Pictures. I was shocked. I immediately changed my company email account’s password and others but the damage was already done, ” claims Punjabi.

In another instance, he said, a client with a wedding in her house had tried to contact him but the order was confirmed by Recall Pictures. “She knew me personally so she informed me. This was when I decided to file a complaint. I had even had called him to my studio and recorded his confession. I did not let him go till he had told the truth,” Punjabi said.

Despite Punjabi changing his password, it seems Hathiramani used Punjabi’s personal account and emailed his secretary asking for the new password. Thinking the email had come from me, Punjabi’s secretary gave him all the required details.

Here’s what Recall Pictures had to say about the allegation.
Recall Pictures owner Hathiramani, though, denied all allegations saying that he just accessed Wedding Filmers’ company email account out of curiosity. “It was Anusha who gave me the password and the client details but I did not misuse it. She wanted to impress me and get a job in our company. We have our own clients and we don’t need to hijack others’. I have already sacked Anusha but now I am scared as she has my company details too. She may sell it to my competitors. But all these other allegations are false.”

So it seems the sacked employee Anusha is in the soup as both the parties are now blaming her for all the fiasco.

Oshiwara police station has registered the complaint and investigations are on.