Top Places (Around the World) to Celebrate This Valentine’s Day

Looking for a romantic getaway, a destination wedding, a much needed holiday break to rekindle the spark that has gone missing from your love life, or even to pop the question this Valentine’s Day, here’s a few cities that fit the bill completely.

There’s no doubt that travel is romantic, and if you can spare some time, what better way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day than a trip or getaway to some beautiful and exotic location that will cater to your lovebird needs?

Several hotels and resorts start enticing travelers around this time with their special Valentines amenities; but nothing stops you from making your own travel plans as well.

We love romance, so here are some of our recommendations…Find cozy seclusion, starry views, ancient gardens—whatever your romantic heart desires.

You might even catch a glimpse of some of the Bollywood stars in action, while shooting for some romantic song. Most Bollywood songs get filmed overseas at exotic locations.

Here are the best Romantic Cities in the World.

Paris, France

Did you guess it already? Perhaps, but then Paris truly is a city for lovers. Without any doubt, the ultimate icon of all romantic cities, Paris sees millions of lovebirds flocking to it each year. One of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, the City of Light, offers amazing food, architecture and ambiance in every season.

Romantic Paris

With stunning views, spectacular architecture, famous restaurants & cafes, impressive art collections, Paris has all the trappings for romance. And you can see couples in love everywhere around you!

Take a stroll along the Seine, sip coffee at a cute cafe, enjoy the wonderful sights of the Eiffel Tower and romantic neighborhoods in Paris – known globally as the City of Love.

Venice, Italy

I’m sure there would be some who would want to see Venice at the top of this list, and its actually more or less there at the top. Ask Hollywood filmmakers who have used this place as the backdrop for several romantic feature films. “Venezia”, another romantic city where you can enjoy a gondola ride, see fairytale canals and breath taking architecture. Planning a trip to Venice? Try to go early and combine the Carnival and Valentine’s Day in one trip!

Romantic venice

A city of canals and breathtaking architecture, couples can get cosy on a gondola ride down a canal (if at all you take that ride, don’t forget to sing the ‘Do lafzon ki hai’ song), or walk over the narrow bridges, or just spend time at a cafe on the monumental squares.

Florence, Italy

Florence has a romantic storybook atmosphere, and if you’re also a lover of art, you’ll just love this place. The Renaissance ambiance, filled with works by Michelangelo and Botticelli, fabulous views from the top of the Duomo or from the famous Piazzale Michelangelo, gives a really romantic feel to the place. When in Florence, don’t forget to kiss on the legendary Vecchio Bridge after a candlelit dinner of fine Italian cuisine and wine.

While in Italy, do visit Cinque Terre. On the eastern shore of the Ligurian Sea lies one of Italy’s most enchanting venues, Cinque Terre, comprising five villages etched into the salt-stained cliffs and connected by coastline paths. The pathway between Riomaggiore and Manarola, dubbed Via Dell’Amore, provides breathtaking views of the turquoise sea and niches perfect for a romantic stroll.

Vienna, Austria

It may not be on the radar of the Indian traveler yet, but the city seems to be built just for romantic walks, with monumental avenues circling around pedestrian streets. This is also the place where you’re going to love listening to Mozart’s classic sounds (even if you’re not a classical music lover).

Romantic Vienna

Don’t fancy long walks? Take the horse-drawn carriages. If you ever wanted to know how kings and queens lived, Vienna will give you a sense of that with its regal palaces and museums.

The gleaming white mountains of the Tyrol are a major attraction. For an unforgettable Valentine’s break, curl up in your own igloo in the Alpeniglu village in the heart of the Kitzbuehler Alps. Couples ride up the mountain on the Hochbrixen gondola and can then take a torchlit stroll through the forest and have a candlelit supper in the igloo dining room before snuggling up in super-cosy sleeping bags on an ice bed for two swathed in fur. Eat breakfast while watching the sun rise over the empty pistes – then ski down before the crowds arrive.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the world’s great romantic wonders, thanks to an immaculately-preserved old town filled with fairytale architecture. Walk hand-in-hand from the castle to the monumental Old Town Square through Charles Bridge, and stand together as you hear the chime of a 600-year old astronomical clock.

Romantic Prague

Then it’s time to lose yourselves in the beauty and romance of this ancient city, through a sea of spires and cobblestones that make this a lovers’ paradise.

Rome, Italy

If you’re in Italy, make sure you spend time in Rome as well. Its one of the most dazzling cities in the world, with several ancient treasures (epic monuments, baroque churches, and medieval ruins vying for your attention) and scores of beautiful romantic lanes, restaurants and parks.

Romantic Rome

Lovers gather by its many fountains to throw coins as they make a wish, sip cappuccinos in the middle of beautiful piazzas, and walk past three thousand years of history. However, the big crowd can be off-putting for some couples.

Lisbon, Portugal

Goans may have been to this place (because of their historical connection) but for other Indians, Lisbon could be a revelation. Overlooked by an ancient castle, with breathtaking scenery admired from hilltop viewpoints, tiled buildings, cobblestone designs, vintage trams, a river on its way to the Atlantic, and flashbacks to the days of the great explorers of the Age of Discovery, Lisbon has all the ingredients that make it one of the world’s most romantic cities.

Romantic Lisbon

Also checkout Sintra (the European capital of Romanticism) nearby, and the unbelievably picturesque medieval village of Obidos which was once a wedding present from a king to his queen.

Quebec City, Canada

It may be far from India (for a vacation), but if happen to be in some nearby country, make sure you visit this place. For most Indians, Toronto & Vancouver are the cities that come to the mind when one talks about Canada, but Quebec is one of the oldest cities in North America. This French capital, situated on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River, has several narrow cobbled lanes, where centuries-old stone buildings house antique shops, museums, and sidewalk cafes in an almost fairy-tale European-like setting.

When there, don’t miss visiting Parc Linéaire, a weave of walking trails along the St. Charles River that lead to lush gardens, canyons, and waterfalls.

Bruges, Belgium

When it comes to Europe, Belgium may not be at the top of the list for many, but Bruges is really worth checking out.

Even though it drizzles year-round in this 13th-century village, it only adds to its insane adorableness. Take a misty stroll around the brick streets brimming with cute boutiques and chocolate shops packaged in authentic gingerbread-style houses. Or share an umbrella down the Venice-like canals with arched footbridges leading to old windmills and Gothic churches.

When there, do try Sorbetiere De Medici’s fresh-baked Belgian waffles topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce from a cozy, second-floor window table.

Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re in South Africa, make sure you visit Cape Town. Framed by the dramatic Table Mountain ridge and breathtaking seascapes, Cape Town is arguably South Africa’s most beautiful city, where markets and colonial-era cottages meet the modern metropolis. You can wander the local art galleries or take a short drive through the rolling-hilled Winelands and get a flavor for the region’s burgeoning farm-to-table fare. Sun-seekers can also find a secluded spot on Camps Bay’s white-sand beaches.

Romantic Cape Town

Here are some more locations:

Saariselka, Finland

From the comfort of the Hotel Kakslauttanen’s heated glass igloos, visitors sleep under a million-star canopy and the glowing northern lights. During the day, book a reindeer safari, sample from one of four restaurants, and relax in the world’s largest smoke sauna.

Brugge or Cologne

These are romantic getaways in Europe but also produce some of the best chocolates in the world. So if chocolate is on your mind, romantic Brugge has the best in Europe, or you may even visit the chocolate factory in Cologne.

Bruges in Belgium

One of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe; enjoy your stroll with your lover along canals and cobbled streets, and with dozens of lovely warm restaurants for a few hours of Belgian beer-fuelled heart-to-hearts.

Classical Gardens of Suzhou, China

Choose from dozens of exquisitely designed gardens dating from the 11th to 19th centuries—including the UNESCO World Heritage list–inscribed Lingering Garden and Couple’s Garden Retreat—and wander arm-in-arm along winding paths and across elegant bridges.

There are many more locations but these should inspire you to go to a fantasy place to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.