Top Bollywood singer thinks he could fade away in a year or so

Almost every other hit song in Bollywood has been sung by Arijit Singh, but after being at the top for a few years, the young singer feels that he could soon fade away into oblivion.

And he’s only thirty years old.

First noticed in a music reality show, Arijit Singh had to struggle initially to get his Bollywood singing career off the track. But once he took off, he stayed at the top for a good 5 years or so.

But then Arijit is aware that fresh voices replace [current favorites] every five to seven years in Bollywood.

And that is the cold reality in Bollywood!


So for all those Arijit fans, who are in awe of his singing, and at times wonder how he gets to sing all the top songs, his time could get over soon.

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But is there any way to avoid fading into the oblivion?

Arijit says there’s away but its extremely difficult.

“I might be able to change that. If I work really hard on specific genres, I might be able to stay longer. That way, I can emerge as the only singer who can croon songs of those genres. Maybe that’s how I will survive.”

Singh remains an idol for many aspiring singers. But despite being at the top, Arijit prefers a quiet life and avoids interaction with the media.

May be he won’t miss much then, once the limelight goes away (although we pray the good times go on forever).