Top 10 Best Street Food Destinations In the World

best street food destinations Nothing can beat street food when it comes to having a quick bite or snacks. We all love our bhel puris, gol gappas, chaats, pav bhaajis, dosas (street food in India), and at most times that is also our meal.

For long, travelers have turned towards Street food as a great way to experience new cuisines, or grab a quick bite on the run, or even have an inexpensive meal. In the US, the equivalent of street food are the various food trucks that serve various yummy delicacies.

Besides the sight-seeing part, the other great things about traveling the world is knowing about the cultures, customs, and foods in various parts of the world. And one of the best ways to learn about another culture is through the local delicacies, which is best experienced through street food.

There are some travelers who’re worried about eating on the road-side (concerning hygiene), but in most countries its actually the best place to have food. If you see a lot of people eating out at a particular joint, you can assume its pretty much safe to eat there.

Here we list down the best street food destinations (global cities) in the world.


Singapore is one of the top destinations for foodies, its street food finds inspiration from China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. The several hawker stalls serve diverse dishes, including laksa soup, Hokkein mee (fried prawn noodles) and the ever present chicken rice. Char kway teow, a noodle dish with prawns, sausage and egg, is a local favorite.

Street food in Singapore

Bangkok, Thailand

For the foodie, Bangkok is a true heaven. Just walk through the open air markets & sample the local cuisine to get a feel of the culture of this magical city. You can find everything from fried bananas to Green papaya salad to roasted pork and local seafood. This is a city where street food stalls are some of the best places to eat.

Street food in Bangkok

Istanbul, Turkey

Besides Shwarma Kebabs (popular street food in Istanbul), you must try kumpir, which is basically a giant baked potato stuffed with various fillings. Also, don’t miss out on the simit, a bagel-like bread covered in sesame seeds. You should also try out the simple fish sandwich — grill fillets of mackerel, slapped into a slab of white bread. Add a few slices of raw onion & tomatoes and it makes for a perfect (and cheap) lunch.

Street Food in Istanbul

Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam

Another Asian city that is quite popular for its street food. Ho Chin Minh City is the best place to try the street food staple of pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup served with beef or chicken.

Street Food in Ho Chin Minh City

Mexico City, Mexico

Most are no strangers to Mexican food. If you’re exploring Mexico City’s several shops, kiosks, and taco carts, you just cannot escape the smell of street food. Roasted port, beef or chicken with chopped onion, slavered with salsa and wrapped up in soft tortilla, is another perfect (yet inexpensive) meal. Mexico City is also famous for their elotes (roasted corn on the cob) and tlacoyos, a type of cornmeal cake.

Street food in Mexico City

Marrakesh, Morocco

In recent years, Moroccon food has found followers across the globe, especially those who prefer to have hot and spicy food. The main square of Marrakesh, Djemma el Fna, is basically an enormous food cart offering some of Morocco’s best food. Try their fresh-squeezed orange juice or seasoned meat kebabs.

Street Food Marrakesh

Mumbai, India

Mumbai is famed for its chaat (pani puri) – street snacks usually made up of hollow dough spheres crunched with tangy tamarind, chopped chilli and diced tomato. Mumbaikars also love pav bhaji, dosas & vada-pavs (Indian burger).

Indian Street Food Scene…

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Try the herring (fish with chopped onion and gherkin) in Amsterdam. Also try the stroopwafel which has caramel syrup within its crispy layers.

Street Food Amsterdam

Berlin, Germany

Berlin offers a variety of global cuisine street-side, but the most authentic Berlin experience includes a currywurst — a sliced sausage smothered in house-made curry ketchup and served with a side of fries.

Street Food Berlin

Paris, France

‘Crepes’ are warm, crisp pancakes that can be eaten simply with a dusting of sugar or filled with melted cheese and ham. They are usually folded into quarters and eaten with your hands.

Street Food in Paris

New York, US

Pretzels are warm doughy snacks available at most streets carts in Manhattan – just look out for the stripy umbrellas.

Best food carts in New York city

Chicago, Illinois, US

Serves some of the best food trucks in the country, and the food looks awesome too. They serve up everything from burgers and burritos to macaroni and cheese. The food is served quickly and the quantity looks huge (by Asian standards).