Titan Ad Film Shot in Madrid by Bang Bang Films & B-Reel Films

Tital ad film in Madrid This has got nothing to do with Hrithik Roshan’s film ‘Bang Bang’ movie. Here we are talking about Titan’s ad film which was shot in the lively capital city of Spain – Madrid. Films and B-Reel Films shot an urban romance, a quirky one for the Indian major watch brand Titan, which aims to compete with the major watch brands at the global level.

Why not in India?
The commercial could have been shot in India but because the client and the productions teams had strict deadlines, India was avoided as more time is required to get the necessary permits to film on the crowded roads of India. It can be time-consuming to deal with the bureaucracy, and for strict schedules, it can be a challenge.

Why was Spain chosen?
Most Spanish people don’t look like the typical white-skinned European (I’m sure most Indians would know that as they are big fans of soccer). So for the production team, it would have been easier to find olive-skinned, dark-haired, & English speaking actors in Spain.

Madrid has several great locations that lends a Western European feel to the commercial. It offers a great view, with a mix of old and new, which gave the flexibility to the creative team to shoot at several places in Madrid.

Indian television may shoot more in Spain
Indian television, of late, has grown bigger and they do have the budget to shoot in foreign countries. In the past, several Indian television soaps/ads have been shot overseas, in places like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and even Cape Town.


However, not much have been filmed in Western Europe because it turns out to be a lot more expensive.

But Bang Bang film’s production team found Spain to be very reasonable, and feel that more Indian television content could be filmed here in the future.

The Indian production team were helped by an efficient team from ‘Camino Media’, a production services company based in Madrid, who helped them with the location scouting, permissions and the setup.

About the Ad film
The commercial shot for Titan was a quirky romance film that shows a couple travelling around the city together, when their watch straps become linked (just like handcuffs). Checkout the video here.

Client: Titan
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore
Executive Creative Director: Joono Simon
Senior Creative Director: Shamik Sengupta
Agency Producer: Neha Kapoor
Production Companies: Bang Bang Films & B-Reel Films
Produced by: Roopak Saluja, Marjorie Rodrigues & Axel Lerner
Production Service: Camino Media (Spain)
Director of Photography: Erik Sohlstrom
Director: Anders Forsman