Get Close & Personal With a Real Tiger in Thailand

Tiger Kingdom in Thailand is where you can get close & personal with a real life tiger.

The Tiger Kingdom, located in Chiang Mai & in Phuket, is a modern tourist attraction (with attached restaurant) that lets you get close to the wild animal and take pictures.

The tigers seem to be well-fed and maintained, they have modern amenities, their trainers are caring. The place seems to be a bit expensive but I guess it costs more to maintain so many tigers (at least they are taken good care of).

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Various packages are offered depending on whether you want to play with the baby tigers or get close to the bigger ones. You will be escorted by a personal trainer.

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Sushmita Sen Holidaying in Thailand
Sushmita Sen Holidaying in Thailand. Image credit: Sushmita Sen Instagram

Mind you, these are wild animals, so make sure you strictly follow the instructions that are provided to you:

  • No flash, as it could damage the eyes of the tigers
  • Do not approach the tigers from the front; always approach from behind
  • Do not touch a tiger on its head, you may rub his/her belly as much as you like

Tiger Kingdom in Phuket where an Australian was mauled.