“There Is More To Life Than Exams”, Akshay likes PM Modi’s Video

Every year millions of students across India appear for the board exams, believing their future depends on the outcome of the exam. While it does to a large extent, those who are not good at academics can take heart from this advice.

With board exams around the corner, students (and also their parents) are a stressed lot. Many believe if they don’t do well in the exams, they will have no future.

Remember Raju Hirani directed “3 Idiots”, where Madahavan thinks Rancho was different from others because everyone else was worried that if they didn’t do well in the exams, they will not get a job, they will not get married and so on.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had an interactive session (called Pariksha Pe Charcha) with students appearing for board (and other entrance examinations) where he had a heart-to-heart converation with the students.

While they talked on a lot of things, one thing that is worth mentioning is OM Modi’s advice to the students telling them that there’s more to life than just exams!.


Our Khiladi Akshay Kumar, who seem to completely relate with PM Modi said, shared the video on his Twitter handle, and said, “Something I related to… I was never good at academics but with God’s grace, my parents’ blessings and hard work, I think I managed pretty well. With exams around the corner, I would like to reiterate to students and parents, there is more to life than just exams.”

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