‘Poonam Pandey App’ to be launched shortly, and its going to be bold too

Poonam Pandey…you may love her (for her assets), you may hate her (for her cheap publicity stunts), but you cannot ignore her.

Now Poonam is coming out with her own app. She says “the app is all about me. If you think I am bold, my app is going to be bold as well. I have the full freedom to post anything that I want.”

Well, I guess that will tempt a few.

The app can be download from Poonam Pandey’s website.

The Poonam Pandey Fashion Show

Here are some of her activities that have created a buzz (or rather controversies) in recent times.

Watch: Valentine’s day out with Poonam Pandey

Watch: Jingle Boobs By Poonam Pandey Christmas Special (A bit too much, no wonder Govinda developed cold feet).

Some more steamy pictures and videos that Poonam shared on social media in recent past:

"Take me back to this dream place"

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Poonam Pandey started her career as a model and since then she has featured in several magazines & calendars. She makes headlines because of the explicit pictures (of herself) that she regularly posts on the internet.

However, she managed to grab the media attention when she promised to strip for the Indian cricket team if it won the Cricket World Cup in 2011. Even though India won the World Cup, Poonam was denied permission by the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) to fulfill her promise. However in 2012, she did pose naked after Kolkata Knight Riders won the IPL 5.

Poonam Pandey, who debuted in the Bollywood movie Nasha, was also offered the controversial reality show Bigg Boss. Here’s a scene from ‘Nasha’.

Poonam Pandey was one of the Bollywood celebrities who took up the ice bucket challenge (wearing just a bra and panty, as most would have expected her to do).

During the 2014 soccer world cup, the sex siren had promised to give away her bra if Brazil’s football team wins. Obviously it was a publicity stunt, but the sad part was that Brazil didn’t even make it to the semi-finals thus denying her that opportunity.

Poonam Pandey’s naughty dance prior to the FIFA World Cup

Butt of jokes…
Although Twitter is Poonam Pandey’s preferred micro-blogging site that she uses wholeheartedly to create frenzy, by posting her revealing pictures, it does backfire on her as well as Poonam Pandey becomes the butt of several jokes (of course she doesn’t bother because she still gets the attention, and at times she’s sporting enough to retweet them herself).

Here’s a compilation of some of the best jokes on Poonam Pandey (few have gone overboard too).

Poonam Pandey Poonam Pandey protested against her school uniform, because it was “too concealing”.
#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey and so does rest of the world.
Poonam Pandey wants all her private pics to be accessible under Right to Information act.
#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey but its not for kids 😛
#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey she is better than Rakhi sawant
#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey” one night poonam was in her home listening bhajan and wearing full dresses
#IhaveAjokeonpOOnamPandey , but she can see it in mirror
#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey Once @iPoonampandey wrote a little note…ppl call it “kamasutra”
#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey A survey released today states 3 in 10 Indians are poor…Poor ppl like @iPoonampandey deserve basic clothes! 😉
#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey it got over the moment it started.. Just like her clothing!!
#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey All body….no brainPoonam pandey gonna endorse a saree brand..which name is ”Sanskaari Sarees”