The Expanding Reach of Multiplexes in Bollywood

Expanding Reach of Multiplexes in Bollywood

The Expanding Reach of Multiplexes in Bollywood, and how it’s impacting the Business

The multiplex phenomenon has given the opportunity to young filmmakers to exhibit films that would not have gotten financing earlier.

The Indian film industry has developed the breadth to encourage relatively smaller filmmakers, and the depth to render viable business plans. The key to this is the emergence of multiplexes across India.

The relatively compact multiplexes with several screens under one roof offer filmmakers more cost-effective deals than the older, large movie halls.

They focus on maximizing the “experience” of going to the movies, with food and beverage stalls serving combo deals, air conditioning that works and cleaner toilets, to list some features.

According to the KPMG report, the number of multiplex screens in India has grown from 340 in 2005 to 850 projected for 2009 and more than 1,400 by 2013.

Audiences in India are spoilt for choice with television opening up, foreign films coming to India dubbed… and multiplexes coming in.

These improvements in audience access have also contributed to professionalism within the industry, because filmmakers are focusing more on the quality of their content.

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