Terminator ‘Arnold’ in Bollywood Soon

‘Terminator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger has a huge Indian fan following. Talk about body-building and the first name that comes to the mind is that of Arnold. His ‘Terminator’ series was also loved by most in India. Even Arnold is aware of this, and that’s one of the reasons he has got a strong Indian link.

Arnold was here in Chennai for the audio release of Vikram’s movie ‘I’ (the movie didn’t do very well unfortunately). And now, it looks like the Hollywood star is mulling a Bollywood project.

Arnie, whose upcoming flick Maggi, distributed by PVR Pictures, hits screens this Friday, has expressed interest in Indian films in a recent interview.

He is quoted as saying, “Maybe if there is a good script and a good interesting director, then, why not? I have worked all over the world and would not mind working in India. I think most movies made here are low-budget ones.”

Well, one has to wait and watch if the Terminator will star in one soon.