Newlywed Television Actors on Honeymoon Spree: Manage Travel Time Off from Hectic Schedule

Lot of newlywed television actors are on a Honeymoon spree, and are able to take regular time off from their hectic schedule for travel.

In one of our earlier articles, we had talked about our over-worked television actors and how they have to put in long hours on the set.

Most of the time, these actors don’t even get to spend public holidays with their families, and there are a few instances as well where the actors have fallen unconscious on the sets because of exhaustion.

So is it really that difficult for our television actors to take a break from their schedule and go for holidays? Well, doesn’t seen so going by the number of holidays/honeymoons that some of these actors have managed to take.

  1. Jay Soni and his wife Pooja have already celebrated six honeymoons in the first year of their marriage. Yes, that’s right! they have taken six holidays, whereas many struggle to take even one. The couple have been to Goa, then Dubai, Spain, Phuket, Phi Phi Ko Samui and Bangkok.
  2. Gaurav Bajaj and his wife Sakshi have already taken seven honeymoon trips since they tied the knot around two years ago. And it seems Goa is their favorite destination, where they have already been thrice. The couple have been to Greece, Goa (thrice), Delhi, Jaipur and Rolamanal (near Indore).

Guess what, they are already planning their next trip…one of them to Turkey. Now that’s really living your life to the fullest.

These couple may come across as people who’re passionate about travelling, but then, when if not now? Besides, the commendable point is that these guys are able to plan things, and take time off from their busy schedule, unlike most of their peers.

I guess, for the other TV actors, its time to take a leaf from these honeymoon couples and go on that that much needed break.