Sweden lists itself on Airbnb

The entire nation of Sweden is now available on Airbnb, the country wants you to experience its ‘freedom to roam’ concept.

There’s a special listing for you on Airbnb – the entire nation of Sweden, reports Mashable, and it can be yours for the bargain price of free.

Citing the Swedish principle of Allemansrättenthe freedom to roam or right to be free in nature—Sweden’s tourism wizards say that the country is “a place where you can eat berries from the ground, sleep under the stars, swim in the lakes and roam freely.

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To make this home available for everyone, Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb. “There are nine very normal-looking Airbnb listings with amenities such as “Open roof bedroom,” “Natural Heating (May-August),” “Wild Pets,” and availability 365 days a year.

Here are some of the things you’re entitled to under Allemansrätten (the entire list is pretty extensive):

  • Pitch a tent, make a campfire, swim in lakes, fish in five main lakes or along the whole coast
  • Help yourself to flowers, mushrooms, and berries
  • Drive on any road (not marked private)
  • You have Access to any land (except private residences and 70 yards of them; cultivated land is also excluded)

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