Sunny Leone: Ex-Adult Star, Current Bollywood Actor, & Now Brand Ambassador in India

Sunny Leone brand ambassadorThe most searched Indian celebrity on Google, ex-adult star Sunny Leone is here to stay in Bollywood, with a few more films lined up under her belt.

And guess what?

She will now be sharing screen space with some of the biggest names in Bollywood.

Sunny Leone To Do Item Number in SRK’s ‘Raees’

However, it seems it will be some other Khan who’s going to get the opportunity to work with Sunny (or shall we say the other way round). Sunny Leone will be seen in an item number in Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film ‘Raees’

Aamir Khan Supports Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone was recently subjected to a hostile interview where the interviewer asked her all sorts of vulgar questions, most of them pertaining to her past association with the adult film industry. However, Sunny was all poise during the interview and answered all the questions with dignity, earning appreciation and support of the film fraternity.

Even Aamir Khan came out in support of Sunny Leone and said he would have no issues working with her.

Sometime back, Sunny Leone had even posted a picture of herself along with Bollywood’s Legendary veteran actor, Dharmendra, on her official Instagram account, alongside a caption, “Bollywood Bucket list item- working with a legend this week 🙂 Dharmendra Deol Sir! feeling blessed!!”

Sunny Leone: Bollywood Career of to Great Start

Besides doing films, Sunny Leone is also endorsing several brands in India, and finally seems to be accepted by the Indian consumer.

Woman Entrepreneur

Most people believe that glamour has got nothing to do with intelligence. Being a former adult entertainer, you may have certain assumptions about her IQ, but hear her out and she comes across as a woman entrepreneur who is practical, down-to-earth and unapologetic about providing a service, for which there’s obviously a big market in India, she’s practically a marketing guru doing the talking. She also comes across as a more thoughtful, mature and level headed person than some of our current crop of “superstars”.

Already a Bollywood actor, Sunny Leone is actively playing the role of a digital entrepreneur cum brand endorser, who’s specialized in social media marketing & even has a Sunny Leone app. Her business interests are run under her banner company Leone LLC.

Quite knowledgeable about the entertainment business, the Indo-Canadian talent credits her husband Daniel Weber for her success.

The adult film business is a $20 billion per year industry, and some of the people and corporations associated with the business are extremely wealthy. One of them happen to be Sunny Leone, who’s busy building her career in Bollywood.

Bollywood Actor/Producer Sunny Leone was also among the Top 10 Richest adult stars in the world at one time.

Origins and Business

Sunny Leone was born and raised in Canada, but later moved to the U.S. where she worked in several x-rated movies. In 2003, Sunny was also named the title of the Penthouse Pet of the year. Sunny made her Bollywood debut in the film Jism 2 in 2012.

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber will soon turn Bollywood producers. They already have a production house in Los angeles called ‘Sun Lust’. However, for producing Indian films, they will come up with a new entity.

Sunny’s husband Daniel Weber, who’s musician and a producer, is also all set to act in Bollywood films.

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The Big Break

So how did she get a break in Bollywood?

It was the controversial (but popular) reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ that put her in the limelight in India, and went on to change her life forever. It was because of Bigg Boss that she was offered Jism 2 and got an entry into the glamorous world of Bollywood, thus becoming a household name in India.

However, it was Sunny’s colorful portfolio (she was already the most desirable adult film actors of all time) that got her a ticket to Big Boss.

Not in Bollywood for 5-minute role: Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone is quite happy with the audience response to her recently released films, and is glad to have been recognized in Bollywood. Read more here…

Brands See the Value Offered By Her

Sunny Leone’s aware that she offers a unique brand of worldwide followers/fans that is different from what other celebrities in India are offering. And because of her reach in the social media, several brand companies “see the potential and value” offered by her as a celebrity.

She was the most searched person online in 2013, was the Penthouse Pet of the year a decade before that, and was one of Maxim’s 12 top adult stars of 2010. No wonder companies here see the potential she offers and have decided to treat her with more respect, by signing her up to endorse their brands.

The Edgier Brands As Of Now

Although you may have seen both Sunny Leone and Katrina Kaif in the Aamsutra ad [for beverage brand Slice], the Indian audience looks at them a bit differently. Katrina Kaif is definitely more acceptable in the mainstream, but there are several opportunities up for grabs for Sunny as well.

So its not soaps, detergents or toothpaste for Sunny as of now, but the products that tend to be on the edgier side — energy drinks, liquor, condoms and adult entertainment websites, where Sunny Leone comes across as the perfect brand ambassador. After all she’s a ex-adult actress and a current Bollywood star, who’s fantasized by millions of people. SEX SELLS EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, and there’s no personality like Sunny Leone (who oozes raw sexuality) currently in India to better promote related products.

Sunny Leone Manforce Condoms Ad

Awakening of the Indian Consumer

The acceptance of Leone as a brand ambassador in India also signals an awakening of the Indian consumer. There are many who would argue that Leone selling porn, under a commercial garb, is not right, but what about vulgar sex comedies and item songs with double meanings? The fact that most Indians are even talking about this, is a coming out of sorts. The fact that we’ve accepted an ex-adult star without much hesitation is a positive change and need to be appreciated.

Sunny, who made inroads into the Mumbai entertainment industry following her appearance on “Bigg Boss 5” (2011) was first seen in the movie Jism 2. Her first product endorsement in India was for a cellular company ‘Chaze’. She has also signed up as the host of popular dating reality show “MTV Splitsvilla”.

‘Baby Doll Main Sone Di’ song from ‘Ragini MMS 2’ movie

Going by her popularity, you never know…probably you might see Sunny Leone campaigning for elections five years down the line 🙂