‘Sultan’ Gallops at the Box Office

Salman Khan’s fans finally get to watch Sultan, and its running to packed houses (as is with most of salman’s movies). Even Bollywood celebrities are raving about the film and say that its Salman’s best movie till date.

The film is long and predictable at places, but the movie also has its own sweet spots.

The movie was made for around Rs. 90 crore, 70 crore production cost and another 20 crore P & A. Trade pundits are expecting Sultan to generate 250 to 300 crores at the box office.

Salman Khan plays Sultan Ali Khan, a wrestler from Haryana, in the movie. This is also the first time that Salman has been .paired against Anushka sharma (guest appearance by Randeep Hooda).

Checkout Sultan’s official trailer video.

Salman in a ‘longot’ (costume of Indian wrestlers) with a beefed up body, and his ‘Dabangg’ style mustache, looks every bit a wrestler.

Although the trailer is well made, some scenes remind you of other movies.

The way Salman makes his swift move, lifts his opponent and sends him crashing to the ground…does it remind you of Brad Pitt’s entry scene in the movie ‘Troy’ (where he kills his massive opponent with one swift move)? Salman training hard to get back in shape reminds of Rocky?

Nevertheless, this is one blockbuster that every fan of Salman Khan will enjoy this Eid.

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Sultan Movie

Some time back, Salman had tweeted the poster of ‘Sultan’. However, it was received with mixed reaction as many felt that the poster was way too much ‘Photoshopped’ and the poster just didn’t look natural (usually expert Photoshop guys do a really good job).

Several memes were doing the rounds on the internet. You may check for yourself and decide.

Sultan teaser video