Stuttgart Family Overcomes Tragic Loss by Finding Hope in SRK Movies

Stuttgart in Germany is famous for being the headquarters for Porsche and Mercedes. For most families, its easier to own a car than lay their hands on Bollywood movies.

Here’s the story of the Lazar family, who after witnessing a tragic loss in the family, fund hope in Bollywood movies and specifically those of Shahrukh khan.

Says Rene Lazar, “After my mother passed away, we grew closer watching Bollywood movies. Shah Rukh inspires me, makes me happy. We were instantly hooked to ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ when my mother first bought the DVD of the movie.

Rene’s father says, “Wasn’t it Shah Rukh who said, ‘We live once, we die once, we get married once, and love, that also happens once in a lifetime’“.

However, the father and son say they are not taking their fandom too seriously. “We have real jobs in our real lives. But this makes us forget the real world. It makes us feel good,” says Rene.


Rene spends most of his time watching Hindi movies, impersonating SRK and making his fan videos. He was also featured in a publicity video for the release of Khan’s latest movie, ‘Fan’.

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Rene and Branko have never been to India before, but they would love to. Says Rene, “If I stand in front of him, I will be speechless. I will pinch myself and ask, is this real? But then I will say to him, thank you Mr Khan for all the good movies. Thank you for the inspiration.”

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