Shah Rukh Khan made his Bollywood debut with this film 27 years ago

Shah Rukh Khan made his Bollywood debut with Deewana, which also starred Divya Bharti and Rishi Kapoor in lead roles. Deewana hit the screens on 25 June 1992. SRK went on to rule the 90s with several smash hits.

Koi Na Koi Chahiye Pyar Karne Wala song from Deewana Song featuring Shahrukh Khan

Trivia: Shahrukh Khan got this role in Deewana only because this actor (also a Bigg Boss contestant) walked out of the film.

SRK had already made his mark on the television screen before making his film debut, and people were eagerly waiting for him to make his film debut.

It’s just that very few expected him to rule Bollywood from here on.

Here’s another hero who gave several super-hits in 90s but he acted in a totally different genre of films.