Sparkling Diwali Celebrations & Lavish Card Parties of B-Town Biggies

Sparkling Diwali Celebrations & Card Parties of B-Town Biggies Diwali is one eagerly awaited festival in India, and even out Bollywood celebrities look forward to having a great time during the festival. Here we take a look at the sparkling Diwali celebrations & the famous card parties of the B-Town biggies.

Mind you, Bollywood celebs know how to celebrate in style. So there Diwali celebrations are grand, lavish, you see the stars wearing their designer best, and so on. Unfortunately, entry to these parties is by invitation only, so unless you belong to their fraternity, you won’t be able to attend.

These parties are also a perfect excuse for Bollywood actors & filmmakers to meet & bond, socialize, and even to mend differences.

There’s a tradition of playing cards on Diwali day; Its believed that on Diwali day, Goddess Parvati played dice with her husband Lord Shiva and she decreed that whosoever gambled on Diwali night would prosper throughout the ensuing year.

Since then, people indulge in a bit of gambling on this day to ensure that the goddess of wealth smiles upon the players. The tradition of playing cards have been followed wholeheartedly by some of our Bollywood celebrities.

  1. Aamir Khan threw a card party on Diwali day at his Bandra residence. The ‘PK’ team, along with Raju Hirani were expected at the party. Aamir’s house was beautifully decorated and his guests were served home-cooked food. Aamir also organised all-night long card session.
  2. No one can beat the Bachchans when it comes to organizing lavish & classy Diwali dos. And its Jaya Bachchan (and not Aishwarya Rai) who’s in charge of the party, in terms of organizing it. The top names of Bollywood gathered at Bachchans residence, where the celebs enjoyed the traditional card party. Stars of ‘Happy New Year’ were expected at the party.
  3. Salman Khan and his brothers also hosted a grand celebration for family and friends. With sister Arpita’s wedding round the corner, the celebration only got bigger
  4. Shilpa & Raj Kundra may be relatively new in the party circuit, but the Kundras make sure that their parties are stylish and chic.
  5. Khiladi Akshay Kumar and wife Twinkle also host some of the best Diwali parties in Bollywood. It seems Akshay is not only a khiladi when it comes to movies, but also at plays cards. In fact, everyone is scared to play cards with Akshay as he is quite a pro when it comes to a deck of cards.
  6. The oldies / buddies club: Best friends Rakesh Roshan, Rishi Kapoor, Prem Chopra and Jeetendra have been spending Diwali together for ages. The venue of the party keeps changing but they do play cards all night long. Its said that the money at stake is usually high (compared to the other parties) but the spirit is playful rather than competitive.
  7. TV czarina ‘Ekta Kapoor’ hosted a card party at her family bunglow in Juhu. Games like Flush and Rummy take the center-stage and the stakes go higher as the night progresses. Ekta’s parties continue till the wee hours of the morning.