‘Singles’, Backed With Beautifully Shot Video, is the New Hit Making Formula for Bollywood Musicians

Musical Singles in BollywoodBollywood music is undergoing a sea change, not in terms of content, but more so in the way things are being promoted. The days when a composer would create 6-7 good songs for a movie seem to be going away. ‘Singles’, backed with a beautifully shot video featuring leading Bollywood stars, seems to be the new hit-making mantra for Bollywood Musicians.

To get your music heard, Bollywood was always the best route to reach billions of people around the world. If you wanted your song to be heard, it had to be a filmi song. However, a new trend seems to be catching up fast, a new formula to make music a hit.

And that is to create a musical ‘Single’!

For that, besides good music, you need a fancy video featuring the leading stars, and then promote the single – put it on TV, social network, everywhere and wait for things to go viral.

The Single ‘Dheere Dheere Se’ by Honey Singh, featuring Hrithik Roshan & Sonam Kapoor, is fast becoming popular with youngsters. Surprised by its success, every big and small Bollywood star now wants to emulate Mr Roshan.


Well, in case you were a big fan of the original ‘Dheere Dheere Se’ and feels that the remix/rehashed version is pathetic, do enjoy the original one here. Nadeem Shravan literally ruled the Bollywood music scene post their massive hit ‘Aashique’.

The various artists involved in the making of the ‘Single music/video’ also seem to be liking it, as ‘Singles’ provides them with the opportunity to collaborate with each other.

If the song becomes a hit, everybody involved is creatively (as well as financially) satisfied.

‘Desi Kalakaar’ by Honey Singh was shot in Los Angeles, with the spunky Sonakshi Sinha.

And looking at the number of ‘Singles’ that are being churned currently, ‘Singles’ definitely seems to be the new musical trend, at least in India.

Glad that this wasn’t the trend during the times of the Burmans’ (SD & RD) and other great composers, we would have missed on so many beautiful songs (gems rather)!