Singapore Zoo: Must See

singapore zoo
The movie Krrish had a few scenes that were shot at the Singapore Zoo, and even though Tourism in Singapore benefited because of the shooting, the country is already on the ‘must-visit’ list for many.

If you’re from India, then your idea of a zoo is going to be completely different from what you’re going to see here. Located in the North of the Island, the Singapore Zoo provides you with an opportunity to see animals from all over the world.

Its well marketed, on established tours, the place is easy to reach and definitely worth a visit. Its one of the most beautiful zoos in Asia. It may not have the biggest of enclosures but they are all well managed.

krrish shooting at singapore zoo

What to See

Singaporeans also refer to the Singapore Zoo as the Mandai Zoo.


There are several hundreds of species of animals, including polar bears for which they have created an adequate environment (sort of huge refrigerator) to make the animals comfortable.

Though most of the animals are in enclosures, there are several animals and birds that are kept in the open and keep wandering around – monkeys, kangaroos, tortoise and so on.

Giant tortoise at the singapore zoo

The gardens at the zoo are wonderful, and most of the trees and plants are actually labelled which makes the visit a botanic in addition to a zoological one.

As a visitor, you just cannot escape being educated here, and the best part is that you won’t even realize that you’re learning new things.

From simple things such as labeling plants to more entertaining events such as a coconut husking competition, the guys at the Singapore Zoo takes all the efforts to keep your well-informed.

gibbon in the open at the singapore zoo

Visitors Comfort Taken Care Of

The area is huge and the Zoo takes all the efforts to make the visitors comfortable; the paths are in good condition, there’s plenty of kiosks and drink dispensers and enough benches/ sheltered seating areas. More importantly, there are plenty of well maintained toilets (Singapore zoo has won several awards for its toilets).

There’s also a road train to move from one point to another. You may even opt for animal rides, ranging from horse carriages, pony rides as well as other animal rides.

singapore zoo tour

Final Thoughts

The Singapore Zoo may seem to be expensive but its a different experience altogether, including the night safari. There’s a big food court and there’s even an Indian Restaurant in the Singapore Zoo. Another attraction right next to the zoo is the ‘River Safari’; you can buy a combined ticket for both these attractions in Singapore.