20 Signs That Reveal You Are Not the Bollywood Types

It is hard to escape the lure of Bollywood if you are an Indian (or from the Indian sub-continent). But there are some who are completely non-filmi and immune to the glam sham of the Bollywood culture. Here are some of the obvious signs of a non-Bollywood fan.

Watch out! You may be one of them! So, how do you know if you are the non-filmy type?

  1. When everybody else is going ballistic about their favourite Bollywood hero, you don’t care and look at them with “whats the big deal?” look
  2. Bollywood and fashion? When you think the two are totally independent
  3. When you don’t think watching award shows makes sense because it has nothing about appreciating the true artists anyway
  4. When you skip the gossip magazines and supplement paper attached to the main paper because it is meaningless news to you
  5. If your answer to the question, “do you know sahid Kapoor got married recently?” is “who cares?”
  6. Bollywood dialogues are greek and latin to you and doesn’t make any sense
  7. When you opt to sit at home and relax while your friends go for the first day first show
  8. When hindi songs don’t interest you at all
  9. You can sit through a hindi movie provided it is from a genre of your choice
  10. New teaser of upcoming movies are of little interest to you
  11. You don’t have even a single favorite movie character
  12. Your idea of bad music are the item songs
  13. You always find yourself in debates siding the team which says Bollywood movies are degrading
  14. Your idea of a romantic date is not inspired by any Bollywood movie
  15. You pray that you are not asked Bollywood questions in a quiz because you wont have any answers and are completely clueless
  16. Bollywood dance moves is your idea of getting quick vertigo
  17. You wonder why everything is so exaggerate…especially the fight and the dramatic scenes
  18. You always complain about the duration of the movie
  19. You feel Bollywood actors are highly over rated and most cannot act at all

Oh…the 20th point is missing? Well, that’s for you guys to suggest 🙂