Here’s how Bollywood is shooting intimate scenes (post MeToo) to prevent sexual misconduct

After Tanushree Dutta openly spoke about how she faced sexual harassment at the workplace, and with other female actors also sharing their #MeToo stories, studios and actors have been thinking of ideas on how to shoot intimate scenes that would prevent chances of sexual misconduct (and also save them from false accusations).

  • For her short film, actress Celina Jaitly says an ‘intimacy supervisor’ was appointed who played the role of an impartial and sensible bridge between the actors and director. “For the first-time for me since the age of 16, I worked with an intimacy supervisor and it worked like a charm,” says Celina.
  • National award-winning actress Kalki Koechlin says there has been a behavioural change among men after the prominence of #MeToo movement in India. She is of the opinion that intimate scenes should be choreographed like dance moves. That is why she recommends workshops ahead of performing any intimate scene. “Intimacy workshops were important because like every dance and action sequences are previously choreographed and each actor knows every movement of the performance, an intimate scene is also choreographed. It is not improvised on the spot,” says Kalki.
  • Several women had shared their sexual harassment experiences and had named (and shamed) their offenders as part of the MeToo movement in India, which undoubtedly instilled fear in some men.

    Actor Dalip Tahil to such an extent that he recorded his co-star’s consent while shooting for a rape scene for his upcoming film.

    Dalip Tahil refused to shoot a rape scene for filmmaker Sudhir Mishra’s upcoming film, unless he got a written letter (consent) from the actress who would be part of the rape scene. Post the scene, a video interview of the actress was done where she said she shot the scene without any problem and was completely satisfied with her safety during the shoot.

Bollywood is new to these methods, but it seems to be working effectively. In addition to these, detailed sexual harassment policies and proper guidelines also needs to put in place in order to deal with different situations.