Shahrukh Khan loses cool, punches a prankster (almost) in Dubai

Shahrukh Khan used to be aggressive in his younger days, but has mellowed down in recent years, after having kids. However, rub him the wrong way and he will show you his aggressive streak.

That’s what happened during a shoot recently in Dubai, where a prank was played upon him (not part of the script). A livid SRK almost punched the prankster in the end.

The incident took place on the sets of a controversial prank show called Rameez Underground, hosted by the Egyptian prankster Ramez Galal. Shahrukh Khan fell prey to one of Ramez Galal’s infamous pranks in Dubai.

Egyptian prankster Ramez Galal

Galal tricked SRK into thinking that he was being interviewed by a Lebanese-American presenter Neshan. As part of the conspiracy, the Bollywood superstar was taken on a desert safari but was made to fall into a pit of quicksand, along with his car, to make the prank look more real.

The makers of ‘Rameez Underground’ trapped Shahrukh Khan and an actress in quick sand and a comodo dragon (huge lizard) started approaching them. The duo were seen struggling to get out of the sand.

Thankfully, the comodo dragon was not a real one, and the prankster was hiding underneath it. When the guy revealed himself, SRK lost his cool, and demanded to be taken out of the quick sand right away.

SRK was heard screaming “This is why you got us here from India”.

When Shahrukh was out of the quicksand, he dragged and manhandled the man and was about to punch the prankster right in his face, but he stopped himself from doing it!

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