Shahrukh shares cute pics of his kids from AbRam’s birthday party

Shah Rukh Khan recently shared pictures of his kids – Aryan, Suhana and AbRam, clicked during AbRam’s recent birthday party. In the picture, you can see Aryan wearing a dark grey T-shirt, Suhana is wearing a lighter shade of grey.

SRK tweeted, “My Trio of Sugar & Spice & everything Nice….and oh yeah! Gauri’s too.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s kids: Favourite TV Shows and Movies

Here’s what Shah Rukh Khan’s kids (Suhana, Abram and Aryan) like to watch on television when they are at home. And Shahrukh is more than happy to give them company on a relaxed day.


These popular TV series and film genres will also give you an idea of what kids of various age groups (and gender) like to watch.

Any guesses what they like to watch…?

  • Suhana loves watching Pretty Little Liars (TV series that follows the lives of four teenage girls)
  • Its Doraemon for little Abram (Doraemon is a Japanese manga series)
  • Handsome Aryan loves watching Korean movies

“On a relaxed day, just spending time with kids. If I am sitting with the girl, then watching Pretty Little Liars or some chick flick. If I am sitting with the son then watching Doraemon and if I am sitting with the elder son, then watching something deeper and darker from Korea, which I don’t understand but my son does. So watching pictures with them, having potato chips and colas, being in shorts and completely untidy in bed. I think that’s kind of a perfect day,” says Baadshah Khan.