“My kids have to bring in something different,” says Shahrukh

Shahrukh khans want his kids (Aryan and Suhana) to bring in something new, if at all they decided to get in the film industry, and not live off his legacy.

Shahrukh khan has been ruling the film industry for over two decades, but he want his kids to bring in something new, something radical, and not offer something that is similar to what he offered to the industry.

“He wants to be a filmmaker, so I told him to learn whichever aspects of film he can go and learn…The other day I met (famed cinematographer) Ravi Varman, I told him go and learn camera with him. He has been doing that,” Shah Rukh on Aryan.

Shah Rukh never imposes his ideas on Aryan and Suhana as he feels every creative person who enters the film industry has to “bring something new to it”.

“As actors and filmmakers, my kids, in case they wish to come in, they have to bring something new. They can’t live off the stuff their father has managed to do. It’s important they bring in something new and if I impose myself, they won’t be able to. Let them bring in something radical and strange. Wrong, maybe. But it should be newer than what I have been able to give,” says Shah rukh.


Talks of Nepotism

While SRK never admits that his kids want to get into films, it is no secret that Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan want to follow their father Shah Rukh Khan’s footsteps.

And when star kids wish to make a career in films, it can attract talks of Nepotism.

Suhana Khan posed for her first Vogue cover and reignited talks of nepotism. When Aryan made his film debut with dad SRK in ‘The lion King’, it again set the tongues wagging.

Aryan did a much better job playing Simba and his voice actually suited Simba better. And that is because Simba is a young adult and young Aryan was able to express with his voice, which is good for him.