What went wrong between Shah Rukh Khan and Arjun Rampal

Shah Rukh Khan and Arjun Rampal were best friends in Bollywood at one time, but their equation changed after Ra.One. Arjun and SRK completely distanced themselves from one another, while their wives continued to be best friends. However, the two were seen hugging each other at an awards show

Arjun became a part of Shahrukh Khan camp after working with him in Om Shanti Om. “Mannat regulars”, Arjun and wife Mehr were affectionately called “furniture” in the Khan household, given their constant presence there for parties and other occasions.

Over time, Arjun became better friends with Gauri Khan than her husband SRK, although that wasn’t the cause of their fallout.

Arjun even asked Shahrukh to join him at his club Lap in Delhi, when Lady Gaga was in Delhi.

Arjun Rampal and Shahrukh Khan with Lady Gaga at Arjun's club Lap in Delhi
Arjun Rampal and Shahrukh Khan with Lady Gaga at Arjun’s club Lap in Delhi.


The trouble started after Ra.One tanked at the box-office and Shah Rukh started wondering if he should have cast someone else (other than Arjun) as his arch nemesis in Ra.One. People close to SRK were anyways not excited about Arjun playing the main villain, who had got the role because of his proximity to the Khan.

There are some who say that Shah Rukh also didn’t like it when Rampal tried to persuade him to put an end to his alleged affair with Priyanka Chopra, SRK cut ties with Arjun for interfering in his personal life.

Many felt the Japanese actor was more menacing and had better screen presence than Arjun in the movie.

Arjun Rampal was upset when he came to know that Shahrukh was in fact entertaining such comments from others. Anyways, Arjun was not happy that his role in Ra.One was trimmed by Shahrukh.

Rampal stopped being part of their regular night outs. And at the Marrakech film festival, when SRK took a dig at Arjun by saying that Arjun was trying to hog the limelight by throwing himself a birthday party at the festival, Arjun lost his cool. This time Arjun sat with SRK and poured his heart out.

However things have not been normal between the two, since Ra.One.

It seems that one should definitely not mix business with pleasure in Bollywood. We just hope that the two patch up soon.