Set Designing for PhotoShoot: Convert Your Studio Into a Foreign Location

Most fashion photographers usually shoot celebrities for film shoots & calendar. But catalogues & product photography also is an important part of their portfolio. A catalogue is like a magazine but it has only pictures where the various models are shot using the product – be it sarees, ethnic wear pr even jewelry. Most of the time the shoot (photography) is done in some foreign location or some scenic location in India.

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But its also possible to have a great set designed in the studio itself and the place can then me made to look like a foreign destination. This is usefully specifically when the client may not have a budget to shoot at foreign locations. The next best option in that case is to get the set designed in the studio itself.

set design to replicate a house in greece

Though it may not look like the real thing, it does give good results for the money that is spent. That’s where the set designers in the industry are so useful.

Here’s an example where a section of a photo studio is redesigned to show as if it were shot in a house in Greece.