Sarakiniko Beach (Greek Island of Milos, Greece)

Sarakiniko Beach (Greek Island of Milos, Greece) The Sarakiniko Beach has a stunning lanscape, looks as if you’re in another planet altogether. Surprisingly not many movies have been filmed here, yet. But with filmmakers looking for exciting locations, it could change in the future.

Bollywood movies filmed at the Sarakiniko Beach include ‘Tashan’, in which the Song ‘Dil Haara Re’ was filmed here.

Scottish wedding at Milos island, Greece, with sancing scene at Sarakiniko beach…an amazing site.

Sarakiniko is a beach located on Milos Island, Greece, famous for its strange looking greyish – white rocks with amazing shapes…often compared to a moonscape. If you’re in Milos, Greece, don’t miss this place. Its also a great place for snorkelling, and just to relax. Surprsingly, you see fewer tourists here, although its a popular destination among the locals.