Bollywood has been losing ₹250 crore annually because of same-day clashes

Box office clashes (same-day) costs Bollywood Rs 250 crore annually

Until a few years back, it was the ‘ego’ which prevented several superstars from postponing their releases in order to avoid a clash with another big film.

However, that’s not the case now. Its because the big stars now realize the amount of money that is lost because of same-day clashes.

A report on Moneycontrol suggests that Bollywood has been losing around ₹250 crore annually for the past few years because of same-day clashes of big budget movies.

Raaes (Shahrukh) and Kaabil (Hrithik) made close to Rs.225 crore, had the films released independently, each would have made at least Rs 30 crore more. Four to five such clash releases and the industry straight away loses out on a good Rs 250-300 crore revenue annually.

  • Big films (same-day releases) put up a great fight at the box office and divide the show times, the audience as well as the footfall.
  • When two big films release on the same-day, each film loses at least 25 percent of their earnings from the box office — says Bollywood trade analyst Mohan.
  • Fewer multiplexes and back-to-back releases reduce shelf life of movies, leading to lower revenues than their potential.
  • Only great content can save films from losing out on revenues with same day and back-to-back releases.

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