Salman Khan reveals how much he used to get paid as a struggler

How much is Salman Khan’s net worth and how much does he charge for movies & endorsements.

Salman Khan who is in the news every time a new season of Bigg Boss starts, for his hefty pay packet, revealed how much he used to get paid during his struggling days.

Salman says he earned Rs. 75 for his first ever gig – he performed as a background dancer in a show “just for fun”. “Then it went up to Rs. 750 for Campa Cola (a soft drink brand). After that his pay remained at Rs. 1,500 for a very long time.

Salman says he got paid Rs. 31,000 for the film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ (Salman’s breakthrough film), after which he started charging Rs. 75,000 for every film.

Now, you regularly find Salman Khan’s name in the list of the top 100 richest celebrities around the world.

As per sources, Salma Khan’s net worth is estimated to be around $370 M (over Rs.1,950 Crore) and he earns around $30 million USD (Rs.160 Crore) every year.

How Much Does He Charge?

salman khan, net worth Salman Khan’s dream run at the box office in recent years (beginning with ‘Wanted’) has ensured that he remains in the top three club of Bollywood. Going by his current form, he’s definitely the Big Boss of Bollywood.

Salman Khan’s net worth is estimated to be around $200 million.

Salman charges around 25 crores per movie, and around 1.5 crores for brand endorsement (which is less considering his stardom, probably its because of the court cases).

When it comes to charging for a movie, star prices are usually very flexible as the actors make concessions for filmmakers who are friends (so the amount mentioned above are approximate).

However, his biggest earning seems to be from Big Boss!

Big Boss Ki Jai Ho

Salman Khan, who was reportedly getting Rs. 2.5 crore per episode for Big Boss 6, has charged Rs. 5 crore per episode for Big Boss season 7 (jaw-dropping Rs. 130 crores for the entire season). That definitely makes Salman the highest paid actor on the small screen.

Salman the ‘Entrepreneur’

Salman Khan is also the brand ambassador & investor for travel portal ‘’. The Bollywood superstar has just under 5% stake in the company.

For a long time Salman Khan was the man who thought from his heart and not head. But with his phenomenal success in recent times, he seems to be getting business savvy, and more professional towards work as well.

Even though he might be living in a modest house (by a superstars standard), he does invest in real estate (after consulting his father).

There are also reports that Salman Khan may venture into the real estate business. His father Salim Khan recently revealed that they are planning to develop a commercial complex in Bandra that will have several stores and showrooms, in addition to their own preview theatre (currently, there are no preview theatres in Bandra).

Salman Khan’s House

Even though Salman is one of the richest Bollywood actors, he’s been living a Galaxy because it seems his parents are not so keen to leave that apartment building, and Sallu doesn’t want to move out alone.

‘Galaxy Apartments’ in Bandra, is almost a landmark in in Mumbai. Be it the Dabangg star’s birthday or Eid festivities, you’ll surely find hundreds of people waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Salman Khan’s House…

However, it seems they have plans to move out from their current residence and move to some other property nearby, which is under construction. The news has to be confirmed though.

salman khan with family

Social Cause

One of the most noted philanthropists in Bollywood, Salman Khan is also the face of ‘Being Human’ (non-profit, charitable organization); being attached with this noble cause has also worked pretty well for his social image.

Profits generated from films produced under his home production company called ‘Salman Khan Being Human Productions (SKBH Productions)’ are also forwarded to the Being Human Foundation.

Did You Know?
400 prisoners across various prisons of UP had completed their term, but due to lack of money, were unable to pay the legal fine against their charges and hence could not be released. Salman Khan’s NGO paid around Rs. 40 lakhs to get those prisoners released.

From the time Salman started working, his dad (Salim Khan) suggested that Salman only spend 10% of what he earned, and that’s what the ‘Wanted’ star had been doing, and does so even now. A part of the balance 90% was used for charity and now its used for Being Human.

Only very recently did Salman started operating his own bank account (he’s in his late forties) & it seems he hates signing cheques!

Film Career

Salman Khan is among the most popular Bollywood stars. He has done over 80 Hindi films, numerous TV commercials and reality shows and is also known for his philanthropist endeavors. People magazine voted him the best looking man in India and the seventh in the world back in 2004.