Amazon Prime Video gets streaming rights to Salman Khan’s all future films

Bollywood star Salman Khan signs exclusive deal with Amazon Prime Video, giving them the worldwide streaming rights to all his future movie, beginning with Tubelight. The online streaming service will also have rights to films produced by Salman Khan Ventures.

From here on, after the theatrical release of every Salman Khan movie, the film will premiere on the streaming service, almost a couple of months before Satellite/Television broadcast or any other form of distribution.

It means, Salman Khan’s movies will now be available first to Prime Video customers, and then to the television viewers, which is a significant change to how Indian customers consume entertainment.

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“Amazon Prime Video reaches over 200 countries and territories and I am happy to collaborate with Amazon Prime Video and expand the reach of Indian cinema,” Salman said in a statement.


Salman Khan – Exclusive on Amazon Prime Video

India is emerging as a crucial market for the top streaming services. Netflix has already inked a deal with Shah Rukh Khan for his films.