Salman Khan is not getting into talent management nor his family is managing his work

Salman Khan is not getting into talent management business anytime soon with his family members, nor his family is managing his work.

Reshma Shetty is a much sought after manager in Bollywood so when the news came out that she won’t manage Salman Khan anymore, there were rumours that Salman’s family would be managing his work. There was also speculation that Salman’s family will be starting a talent management firm.

Salman Khan and his manager Reshma Shetty (owns the company Matrix) worked together for nine years. She is being credited for putting Salman’s finances on the right track and for ensuring that Bhai got what he deserved for all his films and events. She eliminated all those who exploited his stardom and got rid of all the freeloaders.

So when Salman Khan and Reshma Shetty went separate ways after their long collaboration, it was rumoured that Reshma was asked to leave because Salman wanted one of his brothers to manage his work. Post that incident, there were also rumours that Salman would be kickstarting a talent management company.

So what went wrong between Salman and Reshma?

While there are some who say that Salman Khan split with his manager Reshma Shetty over a miscommunication with Ajay Devgn and Karan Johar, there’s another version to it.

It seems, the manager took things a little too far by making even Salman Khan’s family wait for his dates. Salman allowed Reshma to take all the business decisions and even Salman’s family always took things in the right spirit by keeping Salman’s profession separate from his personal life. But things went too far when Reshma didn’t allow Salman to go on Sohail’s comedy show on television; that was the last straw.

“There was a time when Reshma Shetty was thinking that she is running entire Bollywood n there will be time when she will run behind Bollywd,” KRK had tweeted back then.

As far as managing Salman Khans’ work is concerned, a company called ITW is handling that.

“Salman also has an equity in the firm, without which he was not ready to work with them. So technically Salman owns this company too, but is not into talent management directly. And no, none of his family members now have the time to get into the business,” informs a source close to Salman.


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