Sachin Tendulkar attends Indian Air Force’s mega exercise (post Pulwama) in Pokhran

The Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out a mega exercise (named Vayu Shakti) in Pokhran, Rajasthan, two days after the Pulwama terrorist attack. The exercise, carried out near the border with Pakistan, was a demonstration of the fire power of the Indian Air Force.

Star Indian cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar (was conferred Honorary Group Captain of the Indian Air Force in 2015) attented the event; he was seated between the Indian Army chief and Air Chief Marshal. Sachin Tendulkar, dressed in a military green jumpsuit, later posted a photograph of him at the event, and praised the Indian Air Force.

Social media has been comparing Sahin’s photo with that of Tom Cruise in Top Gun (1992), where Tom Cruise is best remembered for a slow motion shot as he walks away from an aircraft.

Pokhran is a city in the Jaisalmer district (Rajasthan), located in the Thar Desert region. India’s first underground nuclear weapon test was conducted in Pokhran. There’s also a movie by the same name, Pokhran starring John Abraham.